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Catch A Water Leak Early With Your St. Louis Flood Detector & Avoid Pooling Water With A Monitored Warning System

A Smart St. Louis Flood Detector Alerts You To Water Before You Have Serious Damage

Clogged drains, corroded pipes, leaking appliances -- these are everyday worries that can cause serious water damage within your home. In many cases, these are the types of complications that you notice much too late. Even a leaky washing machine or water heater can lead to expensive repairs if not fixed at once.

However, when you add a St. Louis monitored flood detector to your home security system, you can identify leaking or standing water before your home becomes a disaster zone. The easy-to-install wireless system notifies you as soon as it detects water with a loud alarm and a notification to your cell phone. Your ADT team will also inform you when your flood sensor triggers.

St. Louis flood detector

Why Use A Monitored Flood Detector In St. Louis?

Nobody wants to descend your staircase to see that your basement is now the local swimming pool. Luckily, a St. Louis flood detector will identify leaking and water infiltration before you lose thousands due to property damage. Here’s how it works:

  • Advanced sensor is perfect for any room: The advanced-tech system detects flowing water and not humidity -- so it's safe to use in all types of areas including bathrooms.
  • Place anywhere in your home thanks to wireless connection: Reliable sensors have wireless functionality and a long battery life of 4 years. You can confidently place your detector near sump pumps, behind appliances, next to pipes or anywhere you could have a leak.
  • Get notified even when you’re away: Sump pump failures and leaks seem to always happen when you're at work or on vacation. In the event your St. Louis flood detector senses a water problem, it will issue an emergency notification to your cell.
  • 24-7 monitoring provides another layer of protection: In addition to a high-decibel alarm and emergency messages to your cell phone, your flood detector will notify your ADT 24/7 monitoring center. Your monitoring technicians will immediately contact you and provide the assistance you need.


Smartphone App Makes Your St. Louis Flood Detector More Responsive

Response times are critical when excessive water is detected in your home. By using the ADT smartphone app, you have the ability to mobilize your home’s automation and make it easier when help reaches your property. Leveraging your automation controls is helpful when you’re home, but vital when you’re away from home. With a monitored St. Louis flood detector you have the ability to:

  • Receive notifications on your smartphone when unwanted water is identified.
  • Unlock doors remotely and disable security alarms for emergency repairs.
  • Increase your home’s temperature to combat freezing pipes.
  • Check HD feeds from security cameras to determine how water entered and evaluate remediation needs.
  • Keep in persistent connection with your monitoring professionals.


Your Smart Home Automation With Flood Detection Begins With A No-Obligation Free Estimate

Flood detectors and other devices like CO detectors and smoke alarms are all aspects of a comprehensive security implementation through Secure24 Alarm Systems. When you contact our professionals, we’ll guide you to the right options to fit your needs. Simply dial (314) 274-9817 today or submit the form on this page for your free quote.